Jan-Elet Brand, Dipl.-Psych., Sporttherapeut

Jan-Elet Brand

  • M.Sc. Psychologist
  • Certified expert for sport psychological coaching & training in high performance sports  (Asp)
  • Certified coach for stress management & burnout
  • Competition athlete & coach: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Systemic consultant in training

The aim of my work

During my work as a (sport) psychologist in different systemic structures and while competing on many different tournaments (partially international stage), I was constantly confronted to one question:

Which facets of the human mind facilitate optimal performance under pressure and successful coping with failure, setbacks and stress in life?

Whether in daily life, corporate structures or performance sports – an efficient connection to oneself and others builds a strong foundation for stress resilience and optimal performance. The mindset training offered by Foxmentors aims to support people, (sport) teams, and companies to find and be their best version on a daily basis, while overcoming stress and challenges in their respective performance areas.